Johan Cruyff Foundation: Cruyff court in Molenbeek

Sunday, 19 November 2017
Cruyff courtCruyff court

Promoting sports by building a Cruyff football field as a means to give youth in Molenbeek a safe playing environment and where themes such as respect for each other, health, integration, development and team building are central.

The goal is to obtain an environment based upon Johan Cruyff's 14 rules. It is not a coincidence that these same themes are the essence of a successfully integrated community. They can be found on each and every one of the Cruyff Courts worldwide:

1 Teamplayer: to accomplish things, you have to do it together, 

2 Responsibility: Take good care of things as if it was your own, 

3 Respect: Respect one another, 

4 Integration: Involve others in your activities, 

5 Initiative: Dare to try something new, 

6 Coaching: Always help each other within a team, 

7 Personality: Be yourself, 

8 Social Involvement: Crucial in sports, and even more so in life in general, 

9 Technique: The basics, 

10 Tactics: Know what to do, 

11 Development: Sports develop body and soul, 

12 Learn: Try to learn something new every day, 

13 Play Together: An essential part of the game,

14 Creativity: The beauty of sports.


Our comon goal was to build the Cruyff court in Molenbeek in 2018 and has been realized thanks to a strong cooperative effort. On March 22nd, the second birthday of the terrorist attacks in Zaventem and Maalbeek, the construction work will start.


Take alook at the press conference about this succesfully realized project: